Culture, Tourism and Traditions of Russia

Russia Visit Russia, a country filled with majestic architectural designs.

Located in both parts of Northern Asia and Eastern Europe is a country filled with majestic architectural designs and rich historical background is Russia. A nation also known to be the largest of all countries in the world. A nation having one of the largest cities the world has recorded. A nation whose powers have greatly influenced other European countries. A nation whose economic stance is a hallmark for being on the top of the lists of the economic powers in the world.

Aside from these facts, let’s delve into some of the interesting stories of culture, tourism, and traditions Russia could ever be proud of. What made Russia a well-known country? What made the country progressive and successful? Let’s go deeper and feature some of the country’s pride and accomplishments.

The Russian culture varies greatly because of a number of ethnic groups the country has noted. They have traditional music which have been passed and influenced in the modern times. It has become an inspiration to the modern music Russia could be grateful of.

One of the important forms of culture Russia can embody is the “Handicraft”. So basically, these Russians are crafty and skillful traits they possibly derived from ancestors coming from the Medieval period.

To further allure you with Russia’s accomplishments, here are some of the best destinations you can visit in the country. The tourism which contributed a lot to the economic status of Russia. To name some:


State Tretyakov Gallery

For someone who loves paintings and sculptures, going to State Tretyakov Gallery is a must. This is an art collection located in the capital city of Russia which is Moscow. This is a collection of art products made by great Russian artists. The gallery was created because of Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov’s effort in collecting those art outputs.
St. Petersburg

Hermitage Museum

This famous museum is located in Russia’s second largest city, St. Petersburg. This is also proclaimed as the second largest museum the world has ever recorded. Egyptian antiques, Classical antiques, Artifacts of the Prehistoric period, collections from Italian Renaissance, etc. are being exhibited in the museum.
St. Petersburg

The Motherland Calls

This is the tallest statue in the world located in Volgograd, Russia. The statue stands with a sword on its right hand. Challenges were faced by its construction but a majestic outcome was seen afterwards. This famous statue measures 279 feet from the ground to the tip of its sword.

Lake Baikal

This body of water is tagged as the deepest lake the world has ever recorded. Biodiversity is abundant in this lake. Thousands of species of both animals and plants is situated in the lake. This lake has boost the economic status of the country making it one of the famous attractions in the world.
St. Petersburg

Peterhof Palace

This imperial palace is situated in Petergof, Saint Petersburg, Russia. An array of gardens and palaces are located in the area. This is a perfect place for an escapade with its modernized gardens perfectly fit for someone who is inclined with the flora. The Samson fountain which waters came from a natural spring will surely amaze you with its beauty and movements.

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