Men's Fashion Advice for Dating | Menswear Evaluation

Featuring Renee Piane, a dating coach, you find here the fundamentals of proper menswear, which is also basic dating advice for men you can apply whenever you're meeting women for a date on formal or casual occasions.

First impressions are very important, but with the right outfit and aura, you're sure to nail it and leave single women with a good one. Many men that have been out of the game for a while may need to update their wardrobe to meet current menswear trends.

First date tips for dressing are basic. Just pull out decent jeans, inner shirts, and classy coats (preferably black) from your closet and pack ten pieces of them for the whole trip. Make sure you have elegant, black shoes with you, too.

With the right amount of black, it would seem you've shed off some pounds and most especially, giving you away from a charming look. But so long as you know your style and what clothes flatter you best, it's up to you to give it a mix.

But with all that dating advice, what matters is that you come in looking, smelling, and feeling good, then you are all triumphant dating abroad with foreign women.

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