What You Need to Know About Marrying a Filipina

The dating landscape in the Philippines presents unique challenges and opportunities, particularly for single Asian women. Despite the excitement that accompanies dating, many Filipinas within Cebu or Davao find the experience unfulfilling, with difficulties in finding true love. This challenge is further compounded by the struggle to find mature partners willing to commit for a lifetime, a quality highly valued in Filipino culture.

The Philippines has a unique legal system that prohibits divorce, making annulment the only option for couples who wish to dissolve their marriage. For annulled Pinays, the pursuit of genuine life partners can be a hope most Asian women hold onto. Given that there is ZERO divorce in the Philippines, many couples opt to live together, but for some, this arrangement is not sustainable in the long term. In such cases, WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) couples seek an annulment.

While seeking marriage advice is an option for struggling couples, some ultimately decide to go their separate ways. They might feel suffocated or no longer experience the spark that initially brought them together, prompting them to pursue an annulment. Many Filipino women turn to legitimate dating agencies to explore the possibility of intercultural relationships. However, a critical consideration for those in such situations is whether annulled Filipinas are eligible to obtain a fiance visa.

Foreign men interested in bringing an annulled Filipina to their country should understand there are specific criteria that must be met. Men should not have a criminal record and must have an annual income of at least twenty-two thousand dollars. The process involves presenting legal paperwork from the federal government to an immigration lawyer, who will verify the annulment status.

A single Pinay must possess a certificate confirming that her previous marriage has been legally annulled. If a Filipina is still registered as married with the Philippine government, she will not be eligible for a fiancΓ© visa from her perspective.

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