International Dating Tips | How to Make Your Relationship Work

a long distance couple on the phone Follow these dating advice to help make your relationship work.

Finding a foreign girlfriend is an exciting and memorable experience for those who want to give international dating a try. Be it women from Europe, Asia, or Latin America, there are indeed hundreds of beautiful foreign ladies you can meet for love, dating, and marriage.

But first, you have to know how to establish a relationship with one. Otherwise, how would you be able to create a loving foundation for yourself and your partner?

By taking note of the following basic dating tips, you can develop certain traits plus the right attitude when meeting single women from a foreign country. And always remember, it takes two to make any relationship work, thus, the more you’re open to each other, the more comfortable it is to work things out.

1. Communicate with each other

No matter what you choose to talk about, the important thing is that you can talk to each other about anything at any time. The only way you can rely on one another is if you learn to have good communication, and at the same time, have an open mind throughout your conversations. The best thing is, it’s also an effective way for you to really get to know each other’s traits and qualities.

2. Share your cultures with each other

Since you’re both from completely different cultures, of course, you’ll have to enlighten yourselves about each other’s cultural backgrounds. Perhaps you’ll get to learn something new each time you’re together.

If there’s anything, in particular, you wish to know about your partner’s heritage or traditions, simply ask them, and you can definitely share what you would like them to know about you as well.

3. Talk about your preferences

This can apply to your personal preferences regarding food, favorite hangout places, books, and movies, to name a few. At the end of the day, you’ll both have the opportunity to learn about the things you like and the activities you enjoy doing, whether alone or together.

4. Have patience

This is probably the best dating advice you can give to yourself when dating a foreigner. It goes without saying that you’ll have to adjust to each other’s individuality, knowing you’re both foreign to each other in terms of personality, culture, and even love.

International couple on a video call. Make your experience in international dating more worthwhile.

The best and easiest way for you to give each other time to learn and adapt is to simply have patience.

5. Travel around

It doesn’t necessarily have to be overseas, but if you have the means, then why not? Depending on what city you’re currently residing in, you can visit the local museums and other famous monuments.

Traveling as a couple doesn’t mean that you have to be together in person to explore the world. You might not have the means, but you can still bring them to your favorite places by making a video call with them or sending them pictures of your whereabouts.

By doing so, you can discover more about each other’s cultural and historical differences. On top of that, it’s also a way to show appreciation for what makes you both unique in a general aspect.

6. Establish expectations

Dating foreign ladies is not for the faint of heart. Since you’re far from each other and can’t exactly communicate all the time, you have to set expectations based on both your needs and desires.

To do so, you should make clear expectations, enough to be understood and executed properly. You should also be realistic while making such. For instance, if you know you can’t talk frequently, the best thing to do is schedule time to keep in touch.

7. Appreciate small things

The little things in the relationship oftentimes make the greatest impact.

It’s hard to keep a long-distance relationship if you aren’t appreciative, especially with the smallest things. If your partner gives you short compliments, writes sweet messages, and even makes not-so-laughable jokes, it’s important to always appreciate them because they may be little, but they help solidify the bond between the two of you.

8. Be affectionate

How can I show affection when I can’t even see or touch my partner in person?

This might be the mind-boggling question you want to ask. Indeed, we often think that affection can only be shown through physical gestures. But, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be.

Even from afar, you can still be affectionate in a meaningful way, such as listening to their feelings. But, always listen to understand to let them know that you recognize their feelings. If you’re feeling extra, you can also send them gifts regardless if there’s an occasion to let them know that you think about them.

Bottom line is, whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, you can always be affectionate if you want to.

9. Give each other space

a foreign man video calling his girlfriend Foreign ladies need space to pursue their interests, so be patient.

Even when you’re in a long-distance relationship, it is still important to give each other space to take care of yourself and maintain individuality. However, ensure that you’re also not giving it too much to a point that you’ve become distant from your partner.

Therefore, communicate to them how much space you both need, respect their requests, and compromise. This way, you can achieve emotional clarity and independence while still being grounded in the relationship.

10. Be vulnerable

To love is to be vulnerable.

The great thing about a long-distance relationship is that it strengthens the bond between you and your partner. However, you can only achieve a strong connection if you allow yourselves to be vulnerable to each other.

Even if it’s difficult for you, you need to be open about your insecurities, weaknesses, feelings of jealousy, and other tensions that you feel. With this, both of you can discuss issues and address them, fostering mutual trust in the relationship.

11. Set your goals straight

What is your end goal?

Do you date to marry or for fun?

If you are a date-to-marry type of person, while your partner is not, you will have a big problem. Before you spend years making memories and loving each other, you should know what your end goal is.

This is something you shouldn’t ignore because, in dating, you shouldn’t waste any of your resources be it time, effort, or energy on something that’s not even gonna work in the end.

12. Never be afraid of conflicts

If it’s already hard to settle a conflict with someone in person, you might think that it’s ten times harder with your partner living thousands of miles away.

This is a common problem for many international couples, so many of them bottle up their emotions, whether it’s sadness, anger, or frustration, just to avoid facing the challenges of stress and negativity.

But, if you do this, you’ll compromise the relationship.

Pushing aside your emotions because you don’t want conflict is actually provoking a much worse conflict. Since you don’t want to address the things that upset you, of course, there’s no way those can be resolved. Worst case scenario, you may end up breaking up with your partner prematurely.

a foreign man talking to his girlfriend over the phone Foreign ladies make the best life partners. If you’re dating one, you are a lucky man.

13. Don’t be complacent

Complacency hurts you and your partner more than you realize, especially when you’re in a long-distance relationship. Both of you should think of ways to keep the flame alive and keep growing closer together.

For instance, you can try sending love letters to your partner through email. I know, it’s a bit of a process than sending it thru direct text message, but they will surely appreciate it knowing that you’ve put much effort in making and sending those letters.

If you can’t, there are still hundreds of options to do, including playing online games together or scheduling a cute date night where you can video call and eat your favorite food together. It’s entirely up to you, whether grand or simple things, you can keep the relationship alive if you put effort into doing so.

Is it guaranteed that I can achieve a lasting relationship if all these tips are followed?

To be blunt, it fully depends on you. By following these tips, you will most likely have a happy and healthy relationship with your partner. However, you can only do so if you’re consistent.

When you’re consistent, your partner will know that you’re reliable and that they can trust you with their love. Otherwise, they’ll feel that you’re just like others who are only good from the start and can’t really keep a long-term, much less a long-distance relationship.

What happens if I fail to follow these tips?

These international dating tips only act as a guide to making your long-distance relationship work. Every relationship works differently, so what works for some might not work for you.

Regardless, you and your partner should know what works in your relationship, hence why communication is important.

Is it hard to maintain a long-distance relationship?

Since you’re living far from each other, you will, of course, encounter different challenges that test the relationship to its limit. But, these tips can help you overcome those challenges, making the relationship stronger and better.

The most important thing you should remember in international dating is that generally, relationships take time.

Like any other relationship, it will take time for you to adjust to each other’s personalities and values. But, as long as you’re willing to make it work, guarantee that your relationship will last and grow stronger every day.

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