Courtship Traditions that’ll Help You Win the Heart of a Filipina

Gift giving common in Philippine courtship traditions. Learn the courtship traditions in the Philippines that’ll help you win the heart of a Filipina.

Some of the most beautiful Asian women can be found in the Philippines. Their distinct beauty is a product of a combination of Malay, Spanish, American, and Chinese heritage. When you visit this country, you’ll surely encounter a number of attractive women.

But interacting with them is an entirely different matter. This is because courtship is still a widely practiced tradition. While some of their practices have faded due to technology, there are some that still apply to this day. In fact, some suitors found creative and modern twists to these courtship traditions.

If you are planning to win the heart of a Filipina, here are some courtship practices that could win her over:

  1. Harana (Serenade)

    Filipinos in general are fond of music. Love songs, in particular, are a big hit in the country. What better way to win her heart than through a song? Whether you sing the song yourself or simply play a rendition on the guitar or piano, you will definitely pull her heartstrings.

  2. Liham (Love letter)

    You might think this is outdated, but Filipinas would definitely appreciate it. That’s partly because they are quite sentimental. In fact, during Valentine’s Day, many couples still hand each other love letters as a sign of their love. No need to go all out with a poem or anything. You can simply be honest with your feelings for her. She would definitely be touched by the gesture.

  3. Paalam (Permission)

    Filipinas are very close with their families. In fact, they hold their families in such high regard that they still seek their parents’ approval and counsel even when they are adults. So if you are interested in seeing foreign women from the Philippines, you would need to earn the approval and blessings of their family first. Not speaking with her parents about your intent is a major sign of disrespect. So, even if you have mutual feelings with the girl, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for permission first.

  4. Pasalubong (Coming-home gift)

    If you haven’t seen each other for some time (maybe due to work or any other reasons), then make sure to have a gift for when you finally see each other again. This shows that you’ve been thinking of her even while you were away. This is actually a pretty common practice among OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) whenever they get the chance to visit home. Your gift doesn’t have to be extravagant as long as you put some thought into it.

  5. Pamanhikan (Request for one’s hand)

    This is similar to paalam, only instead of requesting permission to court, you are now asking for her hand in marriage. But this has a deeper meaning in the Philippines. The pamanhikan isn’t just you asking for her hand in marriage, you are essentially also asking to be a part of her family and for her to be a part of yours.

These are just some of the courtship practices that you can do to win the heart of a Filipina. Taking part in these traditions let’s her know that you want to get to know her on her terms and you are taking her seriously. And engaging in such rituals also has benefits for you, too. For one thing, the process allows you to get to know her better. Throughout the entire courtship, you can gauge your chemistry and compatibility. All in all, courting her just shows how much you value her.

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