Dating Advice | How to Properly Set Relationship Boundaries

A man and woman kissing Seek the right dating advice when it comes to understanding what your relationship needs.

When seeking dating advice, it’s best to consider the kind that will help you maintain balance in your relationship. From determining the things you and your partner relate to, to understanding each other’s differences.

What truly matters in any relationship is that you’re able to establish common ground while being content and happy with the love that you both share. And when it comes to international dating, being able to achieve these two things is one of the first of many obstacles you need to hurdle.

For one thing, not only do numerous dating sites give you the chance to meet foreign ladies for love and marriage, but they also offer various dating tips that would help you win the heart of the woman you wish to pursue. Finding a foreign girlfriend online may have several perks that would make it convenient on your end, but it would also require a good amount of effort for the relationship to work.

Thus, being able to set boundaries in your relationship would help you understand what makes each of you feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or worrisome, and how you can come up with solutions to avoid them.

So, here are 10 important steps that will help you determine your relationship boundaries:

1. Learn to have mutual respect.

Apart from understanding each other’s differences, you must learn to respect them as well. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fully conform to your partner’s culture, traditions, and value system, you simply have to show that you’re willing to make the necessary compromises for the sake of your relationship.

When you respect the things about your partner, you might even grow to love them as time goes by. That way, your relationship will undergo qualitative progress and things might turn out for the best for you.

Moreover, with respect, there must also be patience. With these two aspects, you’ll be able to achieve a mutual understanding. When there’s mutual understanding, it’ll be easier to empathize and relate to each other. Things will be significantly better for both of you because your differences will no longer hold both of you back.

2. Be honest.

Another factor that is essential in any relationship is honesty. For you to be able to understand each other, you have to be honest about your thoughts and feelings. If you say one thing but mean another, then there is no way you’ll be able to create common ground. When there is no common ground, it will be a lot more difficult to understand each other and you will have a hard time fixing problems in your relationship.

Also, don’t be hesitant about admitting certain things that you dislike, especially if you genuinely find those things to be bothersome. The sooner your partner knows about it, the more time she’ll have to adjust in order to avoid making you feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, don’t shy away from telling them the things that you want for the both of you. You’ll never know if they also like the same thing, and they will also know how to make you feel special and treat you better.

A man and woman talking Contrary to popular belief, setting boundaries actually gives you more freedom to bare your souls to each other.

3. Maintain open communication.

If there’s something you want to get off your chest, just say it. Don’t wait for it to come to a point where it could potentially jeopardize your relationship.

So maintaining open communication with one another can really pay dividends in terms of keeping your relationship healthy.

Remember that the first step in solving any problem is talking about it. And once you do, you can work together on finding ways to resolve it.

4. Take things slowly

Most foreign women want to take things slowly, be they Latin, Eastern European, or Asian women. Rushing things and wanting to see the end results of all your efforts is not the best way to go. Coming in too strong will make her feel like you are forcing yourself into her life and leading her to withdraw from you.

It’s understandable that you are excited to start a relationship with these women, but not letting things take their place in their own time proves more destructive than helpful. What you should do is enjoy the friendship that you have while making clear your intentions at the same time.

Taking your time is also beneficial for both of you. Because you will be able to establish a good foundation for your relationship. After all, building a solid footing takes time and it has to last.

5. Devote yourself to your relationship

One way to show that you value your relationship is how much time you spend with your partner. A relationship is like a plant, you must provide it with the right nutrients and the right amount of water each day, or else it will wither. In the same manner, every relationship has to be taken care of intentionally.

Spend most of your time with your partner, like going out with them during the weekend and especially on holidays. You can also bring something for them when you are from work. This tells them that they are part of your life and they have all your attention and care. Moreover, this shows that you are serious about your relationship, and when your partner sees it, they too will do their part in making your relationship flourish.

A couple talking to each other There are times when you need to talk about the nitty-gritty in your relationship. Don’t shy away from these moments.

6. Make things clear

Uncertainty and worries can affect the relationship if left unchecked. It takes away the joy and happiness that you are supposed to have when you are with your partner. The only way to steer away from relationship anxiety is to make things clear between the both of you.

You don’t just have to keep yourself open for a talk, you have to be clear about how you feel and what your true intentions are in your relationship. This reassures them that you truly love them. When things get tough, you let them know that you would not abandon the relationship as long as the relationship is not beyond saving.

7. Ask for your partner’s consent

Consent is a very important concept in this day and age. We cannot simply assume that our partner is okay with everything we do, particularly when it comes to intimate matters. Before you decide or do something that involves your partner, you need to communicate it to them first and ask for their opinion or even permission.

When you are in a relationship, you don’t decide right away. That’s what a couple should do. If you don’t ask for your significant other’s opinion is telling that you don’t respect what they have to say.

You have to be direct and clear about what you want to do and ask the reason why they have such opinions on the matters you raise.

For example, you want to kiss your partner in public, and you have no idea if she’s open about giving kisses when you’re out in the open. It would be best if you don’t steal a kiss from her. Instead, ask her if she doesn’t mind you showing affection in public.

8. Acknowledge your differences

As time goes by, you will eventually learn more about your partner, and you will see that you have many differences in opinion, views, and convictions. Some of these things can change and some things can’t.

There will be things that you both won’t agree on. What matters is that you respect your partner and you are willing to acknowledge your differences. You don’t have to agree, you just need to respect what they say, as long as it isn’t harming them.

A couple facing each other When dating a foreign woman, acknowledge that you are very different from each other. What do you have in common? Your willingness to love each other totally.
Your willingness to love each other totally.

9. Encourage independence

Depending on your partner doesn’t mean that you can’t survive without them. If you are too dependent on your partner, you might become a burden to them. If you do this, you are crossing a boundary you shouldn’t have crossed.

Independence also has its perks. You can focus more on yourself, and you can put more of your energy into things that you want to do alone. You set your mind to building your career, or you can focus more on your studies. Being independent simply gives you more time to improve yourself.

  1. Take responsibility for your actions

We make mistakes. It’s unavoidable. However, what you do after making a mistake matters a lot when you are in a relationship. If you messed up on something, you are not only making a mistake alone, this may impact your relationship.

Take finances, for example. If you made a mistake that cost you a huge amount of money and you are asking your partner to help you with the problem that you started. That would be unfair to your partner. They might even question if you are a responsible person or not.

You need to own the outcomes of your actions. Don’t let anyone else take responsibility unless your partner suggested that they are willing to help you.

Get to know more about the woman you like.

Another factor to consider is being acquainted with the dating culture of the woman you wish to have a meaningful relationship with. It may help you find more ways to make your relationship last.

But if you’re really looking for genuine dating advice, be ready to set and accept certain boundaries in your relationship. Because in the end, setting boundaries is an important part of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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