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There are a considerable number of men who are on free dating apps these days, many of whom want to give international dating a try. Sometimes, these men fail to make any kind of connection as these apps don't provide instant results for their love search.

However, there are times when people can make the necessary connections on international dating apps, and as such, they sometimes land a date with the person they're interested in. Men get to meet women online, and eventually, they get to meet in person and establish a romantic relationship.

Then again, there are also those who end up disappointed because the person they meet in real life is not what they expected. Men also face the unfortunate situation where the woman they were supposed to meet doesn’t show up at all, and they try to get in contact with her to no avail.

Then there are the times when the woman does show up. If these men are lucky, their first meetup or date goes smoothly and they hit it off right away. There is also a tour group type of setup wherein a man has to find some kind of way to stand out and make a good impression among the women he'll be meeting, whether or not they have already interacted with these women on certain niche dating sites.

The thing about making an impression is that everyone generally makes one when meeting someone for the first time, but not everyone knows how to make a good one, because good impressions aren’t something that even the best dating apps for relationships can provide for their users.

So a man is going to have to make a good impression. Again, that’s something that isn't exactly easy to do. But just because it’s not easy doesn't mean it’s not doable - making a good impression is absolutely doable.

Some people are born with an abundance of charm that makes making a good impression pretty easy for them. But these people are relatively rare. For everyone else, there’s work that needs to be put in.

  1. In Profile
  2. Generally speaking, the first thing a person is going to notice about you on your chosen dating app is your online profile. This is why you need to have a really good online profile as it is probably going to be where a woman's first impression of you will be made, and first impressions are usually very important.

    But not everyone knows how to polish their profile. Some guys just fill out their information and upload a motley assortment of pictures. Sometimes this method can work, but putting in some elbow grease can make a profile stand out more.

  3. Get A Lift
  4. Studies have shown that when it comes to men as a romantic option, women prefer their options to be a little taller. The golden rule seems to be at least six feet tall, but there is also another rule wherein a man has to at least be taller than a woman on a pair of four-inch heels.

    Going by the latter rule, most men will meet the height requirement, at least in the West where the average height for a man is about five-foot nine, and the average height for a woman is around five-foot four.

    Going by the former rule, however, most men will not be able to meet the height requirement as only around fourteen to fifteen percent of them will hit or exceed the six foot mark.

    There are ways for a guy to seem taller than he is, though. One is to stand up straight, which will seemingly add a few inches to your height. Another way to appear taller is to insert lifts into your shoes.

  5. Learning The Language
  6. International dating is generally done with some form of foreign element. Either the setting itself is foreign, or the women you'll be meeting are foreign. So the language is going to be different than what you speak.

    This means that there might be a bit of a language barrier involved in the courtship stage. Language barriers can be pretty hard, but they can be surmounted.

    Most foreign women will probably not expect a western man to speak their language, so being able to speak a few phrases, if not the whole language itself, can be pretty impressive for a lot of them.

  7. Be Ready To Commit
  8. There are certain countries where marriage culture is a little different than in the West. Dating for a while and then living together for a considerable length of time is not a common practice. People date, and they eventually get married.

    This means that men who are ready to commit in a relatively short amount of time are the kind of men who can delete their mobile dating apps as they look forward to experiencing a happy married life.

    After all, international marriages aren't all that uncommon.

    If you find yourself exploring the world to find love, you should be ready to put a ring on it and keep it so as to not lose it. A man who is ready to commit is attractive enough, but even more so in an international setup.

  9. Just Be Yourself
  10. There is often an episode in a cartoon series wherein a character tries to be cool by changing some aspect about themselves. Inevitably, the ruse falls apart and they revert back to their original selves, and their real friends accept them for who they are. The lesson here is not that self-improvement is inherently wrong. No, the real lesson is to always be true to yourself.

    This is a lesson that can be applied to a courtship as well. If you’re not yourself when you meet international women, then they’re going to be attracted to a version of you that does not exist. Unless you’re willing to keep up the slight charade for the rest of your life, it’s best to come in honest.

    This does not mean that you don’t have to put your best foot forward. Lead with your good qualities, and the bad qualities can come later. Much later. Be truthful when you meet someone. Sure, you can choose which truth you present, but it still has to be the truth.

    Trying to be impressive can be hard. Trying to be impressive towards foreign women can be even harder. But impressing women can go a long way towards succeeding at international dating.

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