Ghost, Bench, Catfish? | Online Dating Lingo You Need To Know

a man in white typing on a phone Online dating can be tricky, but learning its unique lingo can help you tread the way towards an online love affair.

Love is one of the oldest things known to and experienced by humans. It may not have changed a thing in all these years but the way we can approach it has become adaptable, more modern.

While there are those who still try their luck at conventional social places to meet new people, there has been a significant increase in love searchers who opt for online dating. In this world of unending information at the speed of light, culture evolves, which might prove daunting to first-timers or to those who are less adept with online trends.

Ever heard of “bae,” “sliding straight to DMs” or “bot”? They are only a sample of OL (online) jargon. And if you are dipping your toes into this world, you must at least be familiar with them.

In this list, we break down some of the most common lingo used in OL dating. Who knows, you may just impress bae.

  1. Catfishing is when an online user assumes a false identity or misrepresents themselves in order to scam others. Most of the time, catfishers will only communicate online, never face to face, in order to keep up the con. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is common nowadays.

  2. Ghosting is a famous trend today, especially with teens. This happens when a mutual agreement is made between partners — only for one to suddenly “disappear” like a ghost. You can say that ghosting is a coward’s ugly way of getting out of a relationship without any regard for what the other person might feel.

  3. Bae, the new term of endearment in the online world, is basically the word “baby” but shortened. The beauty of this word is that you can use it to refer to your significant other or just anything you find beautiful. Example, “I saw my bae today. My day is already bae.”

  4. DTR or “define the relationship” is an acronym anyone venturing into dating must know. Flirting and affection are cute and all, but are you ready to DTR? Or will you stay with the teasing games? Labels may not be a need for you and your partner today, but you should know that soon enough you’ll have to face the music and eventually DTR.

  5. IRL is an acronym for “in real life.” This may be the most common lingo as it is used in both online dating and in social media. In chats, IRL usually means that you are ready to meet the other person face to face. For example, “You have an interesting take on things. Hope you’re free sometime soon. Let’s meet IRL!”

  6. Love Bombing is a form of manipulative and abusive behavior. The modus starts as your partner being excessive in showing their affection and dedication in building a relationship with you. However, as soon as you commit yourself to them, the love bomber will withdraw from you completely and their real intentions start to show. In the end, it’s a nightmare of a relationship.

We hope that after reading all that, you are more confident in your online love venture. Get ready with your list of online dating websites to try and flaunt what you know. Never be afraid to get lost in translation, this handy guide will be your best companion.

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