Dating Advice | 5 Classic Moves of Online Dating Scammers

A man in a black shirt holding a smartphone. Don’t get side-blinded by their words. Learn how to navigate the online dating world safely. | Photo by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Thanks to the multitude of dating apps and sites available today, it is easier to meet single men and women from anywhere in the globe. With just a few clicks, you can create connections and build relationships. What's more exciting than that?

But while this technological advancement seems like a perfect dream, there are still a few bumps hindering every person online from reaching that romance utopia — namely, fakers, trolls and scammers.

If you’ve (blissfully) never heard of them, then this list is your handy guide to knowing the classic acts of online dating scammers. Don’t get fooled for love.

  • They are good flatterers. Scammers are known to have a unique way with words. They use these seemingly sweet gestures to get you to trust and keep interacting with them.

    But how can you make sure that this person you’ve been talking to is a fake? Easy. Notice how they swiftly move to using cute nicknames and feeling as though they’ve known you for a long time.

    They use their sweet talk as bait for less-than-noble intentions.

  • They are just too perfect. In this case, their photos and profiles are. Upon checking their accounts, you ask yourself, are they an actor, model or — weirdly enough — a physical manifestation of all the traits you find attractive in a person?

    Scammers use fake names and faces, so it isn’t too shocking to find profiles that are very striking to the eyes and looks perfectly tailored for a “person just looking for fun and love.” It’s their attempt at putting their best (faux) foot forward.

    As the saying goes, if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Learn to trust your intuition.

  • They will focus all discussions on you. They will be very interested in knowing more about your personal life but they will be hesitant to share anything about themselves. This is because their stories are made up and could be conflicting with the other identities they keep, and learning about what you do and what you have can give them a picture of how much they can take from you.

    When communication gets one-sided, this should be a telling sign for you to steer away.

  • They make up all kinds of excuses to avoid meeting you personally. They also often refuse to even talk to you over the phone or via video chat. Usually, when people go on dating sites, they would want to eventually meet their partners face to face. But if yours always has a reason not to, then you should start doubting the genuineness of this relationship.

    Scammers avoid direct contact with their victims in fear of their covers getting blown. And if they are using multiple profiles, they are more likely to mix up their supposed persona.

  • They ask “favors” from you. When you’re deep into their game, they’ll soon mention sob stories or emergency situations that need their immediate attention and monetary assistance. And because you are invested in their life, being in pain when they are in pain, you can easily offer a lending hand.

    It doesn’t seem like a big thing at first but the “favor” then grows in amount, until it becomes a loan one person can’t payback. What hurts more is the endgame for every successful romance scam is that the online partner usually goes off the grid suddenly and permanently.

    Remember, it is not normal to send money to anyone you’ve never met, and it’s equally weird to ask for money from someone you don’t know. Cut ties at the first sign of money transactions.

While these scenarios are truly horrifying, you should not be discouraged from going on online love expeditions. There is nothing to worry about if you keep this dating advice in mind and your wits about you. So, are you ready to log on?

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