Relationship Advice | 5 Things You Shouldn't Do After A Breakup

A man in a blue hoodie covering his face with his hands. Relationship advice isn’t just for those in love. Sometimes, it’s for those who fell out of it as well. | Photo by Christian Erfurt on Unsplash

All good things must come to an end, says the worn-out adage. And, for this instance, it pertains to your romantic relationship that has burned out of its love.

Now comes the pain, regrets and blown out of proportions second thoughts. While these are normal reactions, you must realize that this time after the breakup is supposed to focus on you — your needs, your healing, and your happiness.

In this relationship advice for men, we will list down the 5 things you should never do after your love life ends. Remember: Don’t mind what’s next for your ex; mind what’s next for you.

  1. Don’t stalk them online. This is at the top of the list specifically because most people are now connected through social media. We bet one of the first things you did after the breakup was to cut ties with your ex. And it should stay that way!

    Seeing them in a space that’s supposed to take your mind off of things will just remind you of special moments and eventually come to a sad realization that those moments are now just a part of your past. How do you expect to move on if you’re always lagging behind their new life?

  2. Don’t ask about her from other people. In connection with stalking them online, asking mutual friends about your ex is still an unhealthy way of getting updated about her life — just not with an online profile at hand. So don’t try to ask casually and then play it cool with your common friends. You will come off as someone who has not totally accepted the status of the relationship, and just downright creepy.

    Better to spend your time doing something that will bring you joy and satisfaction instead.

  3. Don’t bury yourself in negative emotions. This is not to say that you should allow yourself to feel anything at this point. What we recommend is to welcome any and all emotions to come out and then ultimately let it go.

    Wallowing in regret, hatred, and jealousy will set you back instead of pushing you forward to growth and healing. You can look back and appreciate the good times, but it’s best to take note of the parts that didn’t fit well with you and note them as “never again” items for your next possible relationships.

  4. Don’t compare yourself with her new partner. You are enough — that’s one thing that you should always remind yourself of. If your ex has a new relationship already, accept it as is and remind yourself that their happiness says nothing about your worth as a person — only that they have found someone they are more compatible with, and you can do so too! Now focus on yourself and the good things right in front of you.

  5. Don’t let it affect your life. Which includes work, social circles, and your very own future. Consider the breakup as an experience worth learning from and then leave it in the past (where it is now). Your other source of comfort and happiness need not be put on hold — they can actually be your lifeline in this difficult time.

You don’t have to rehash the past for you to move forward. Take everything you need to grow, heal and find happiness again. Focus on you for now — that’s the best relationship advice you can use whatever your love status is at any point in your life.

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