Relationship Advice | Things to Know When Dating a Shy girl

Woman sitting on a rock. Read this relationship advice and find out how to properly deal with an introverted girlfriend.

Most of the time, misunderstandings and a lack of a proper piece of relationship advice can lead to a fallout in a relationship. And when one of the concerned parties is not good at communicating what they truly mean, things can really get ugly.

How about when you are dating a shy girl — is this a failure waiting to happen?

Actually, no. There is little merit to the common misconception that they don't know how to communicate. The truth is that shy, single women are as open as any other person. You only need to know how to properly handle them without overstepping some lines.

On this list, we offer relationship advice for men who have shy girls in their lives and how to navigate in her world.

  1. She is confident.
    Don’t take her silence as a sign that she cannot hold her own. She may not be as outgoing and outspoken as others but she is self-assured and knows who she is and what she wants. In her silence could come her decision-making, so trust in her way of presenting herself.

  2. She is independent.
    You may not see her as someone who will voluntarily lead in campaigns but she is someone who can move all on her own, whether or not there is a partner in tow.

    Introverts are actually known to finish tasks faster and better on their own. So don’t expect her to be passive in many things in your relationship.

    And, remember, she is not looking for someone who is not a man of his own. So you better be able to stand on your two feet as well

  3. She needs to be herself. As much as it is important for her to invest time and effort in your relationship, she will also need time to be herself, to be in her natural element. And you must understand and learn to respect this. She is not pulling back from you but recharging her soul — through her own group of friends or the comfort of her hobbies or even in solitude.

  4. She could be uncomfortable being in a crowd.
    While there will be situations where she cannot escape from facing the crowd, do not deliberately corner her to stand in front of the judgy eyes of the mob. When planning a unique date night, consider if the number of people present is within her comfort zone.

    She may hate being the center of attention but having all your attention glued to her is something she will wholeheartedly enjoy.

  5. She is a good listener.
    Shy girls know how important a good listening ear is in any healthy relationship. You can trust that she will listen — and listen attentively, she will — whenever you have anything to share. She may give her two cents on things but she will make sure to let you finish your stories.

    Further, she will be the best confidant for your personal thoughts. Some even consider shy girls to be the best kind of people to ask relationship advice from. But of course, be sure to reciprocate the act.

  6. She likes outgoing people.
    Like a breath of fresh air, she is fascinated with people who are different from her — those that can handle the overwhelming stimuli and are more keen on voicing their thoughts out in the open. She will like your friends, don’t worry — so long as no one forces her to be like them.

  7. She is a thick book to read.
    It will take time to get to know her, so be sure to be in it for the long haul. Be sensitive to covert cues that will tell you of her preferences or beliefs. Invest in effort and sincerity and you will surely be rewarded with a love unlike any other.

Yes, she may be shy but she is many other things as well. Do not box her off based on what she chooses to display. Get to know her more and find a wealth of information beneath her shyness. It’s often those who maintain a modest and reserved personality who’s got more interesting stories to tell and lessons to share.

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