Relationship Advice | 6 Ways to Handle a Heated Lover's Quarrel

 Couple sitting under a tree watching the sunset. One of the best relationship advice to know is how to argue without putting your relationship at risk.

Every relationship needs to go through changes for it to grow. Sometimes this includes challenges and arguments. How should you act when it happens to you and your partner?

It is important to note that while quarrels will inevitably happen, you as a couple should not allow it to be the force that’ll drive you apart. In fact, arguments and misunderstandings can be a great foundation upon which you can build a stronger bond and connection with your partner.

In this list, we share relationship advice for couples who want their love life to survive and become even stronger through tests and arguments.

  1. Learn to control your response when arguments start. Don’t explode right off the bat. This will push your partner to defend themselves and retaliate in the same way. In the end, it becomes a shouting competition where nothing is actually solved.

    Every dating advice out there puts an emphasis on the value of starting slow to make sure that the issue is properly addressed, rather than emotions feeding into the argument even more.

  2. Take turns when talking. This way you avoid fighting who dominates the conversation and you don’t miss an issue that needs to be tackled.

    Learn to listen to your partner’s points and reply to each one — agree when you do and present another option when you don’t.

  3. Set ground rules that are fair for both of you. A heated argument can lead to regrettable consequences, as in going for the low blow — bringing up your partner’s past issues or finding faults in things they cannot control.

    Some longtime couples lay down rules such as not allowing the day to end without solving the issue at hand, or making sure that both parties are without the influence of alcohol when working on the issue.

  4. Be conscious of your words when you fight. No matter how big the issue is, do not resort to name calling; it affects a person’s sense of worth. Is a temporary issue worth the permanent damage it can inflict on your partner?

    No demeaning words should come out during the argument. Not only will they derail the issue, but it will make you both even more emotional.

  5. Choose your confidants wisely if you are the type of person who finds comfort in sharing your woes with others. A piece of simple relationship advice: Make sure that the other party does not complicate the issue even more, and that your partner knows and accepts this kind of setup.

    Having another person’s perspective is helpful in many ways, however, you must know when to take their guidance and when to stand up on your own. At the end of the day, you and your partner are the only people who must have the last say on your relationship.

  6. The end goal is to fix the issue, not repeat it again. Thus, it is important to know how to cool down.

    If you feel like anger and frustration are getting the best of you, take some time out. Go for a walk and clear your head if you must but never leave the issue hanging!

    Once you’ve cooled down, get back to your partner and talk it over again. A resolution will come naturally if you let cooler heads prevail.

Issues are common in every romantic relationship. But there are ways to make sure your fights will not damage your love life. Keep in mind these vital dating tips if you aim for a stronger relationship.

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