Blow Off Some Steam | Relationship Advice On How To Handle Anger

phone with angry emoji Learn vital relationship advice on how to properly tame your temper.

There is no such thing as a perfect couple. Even the ones you think are too perfect to have issues, do experience conflicts, misunderstandings and anger in their relationship. At its core, a partnership is still made up of people who are allowed to experience emotions — even the ones many consider as negative.

Anger can bring people into tight spots, so one must learn how to properly deal with this emotion in a positive way. In this list, we give useful relationship advice for men and women on how to tame your temper so that it won’t be a major issue in your relationship down the line. No one wants to fall out of love over a silly argument, a neglected issue, or a misinterpreted feeling.

  1. This is not only one of the best relationship advice for couples but also for anyone with anger issues: think before you speak.

    If you explode now, you will surely experience the bitter taste of regret later. Whenever you feel anger creep up in your system, remember to collect your thoughts first.

    Use a timeout if needed — take a walk for a few minutes or practice mindful breathing — just to reset your mind before facing your partner. It is important to allow them to have the same breathing space as well.

  2. Express your anger once you are calm. When you feel you are ready to face your partner without screaming at them, make sure to sort in your mind everything you want to be addressed.

    Express how you are feeling directly and clearly, without being confrontational, lest you want another issue stacked on top of the current one. You must aim to clear out your needs without hurting your partner or anyone else, or without appearing as if you’re trying to control them.

  3. Learn how to use “I” statements to avoid placing blame on people. This is one dating advice that is not known to most. Go “I did like what you said earlier” rather than “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    It centers on how you, as the person hurt, feel instead of dumping the guilt on your partner, and allows further discussion of the matter at hand. Do not forget to be respectful still. Remember, this issue should not topple over the whole of your relationship.

  4. Communication is a two-way street. Your issue can be addressed if you also know how to listen to the other party, so practice being an active listener.

    The best thing to do this is to repeat what you heard from your partner to confirm that you truly understand their side. Not only will this keep the discussion in a controlled manner but this will also affirm your partner’s feelings and let them know that love and respect are still there.

  5. When there are various ways you can address the issue, try to meet each other halfway. After airing out your sides, find a common ground and compromise where both of you are satisfied.

    Do not just allow one person’s options to rule over to appease them or get the fight over instantly. Blindly saying yes to your partner is not a healthy sign for you or your relationship in the long run. Also, it’s just condescending.

  6. In the end, connect physically with your partner. This may be through a kiss, hug or even sex. This gives a feeling that romance and intimacy are still present in the relationship, and everything is back to where it was — if not in a better place now.

    Your touch is an assurance of your constant and sure presence in their life.

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion that must be handled properly. Learn to let it out and let it go. With this guide, we hope you can better tame that temper now and not put your relationship at risk.

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