Virtual Date Night Ideas to Try This National Lover’s Day

A girl smiling at her phone. Prepare a memorable date night with your long-distance partner this National Lover’s Day.

How do you make a long-distance relationship stronger? You need to do the work.

Remember, you are lucky to be dating a foreign woman. She can introduce you to a new diverse culture. You can also learn the language that she speaks. Overall, you become more socially aware.

But the huge question is, what are you doing to make your long-distance relationship last?

Consider that dating foreign women is a different ball game. There are huge differences when it comes to your race, culture, religion, and viewpoints on different matters. Time and distance are also one of your biggest enemies. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s difficult dating a foreign woman. You just need to step up your game.

The good thing is National Lover’s Day is just right around the corner.

It’s a special day for couples and is celebrated every 23rd day of April. It’s the perfect time to impress your foreign partner, so plan something special. Express your love in a unique way. Give her something thoughtful. Remember, this special day is about you and your lover.

So, to make this National Lover’s Day unforgettable, here is a list of virtual date night ideas just for you and your long-distance partner.

Prepare a virtual dinner date.

Pretend that you are out on a real date in a fancy restaurant.

Plan a convenient time where both of you are free. Cook pasta, salad, or any of your favorite meals. Set up your laptop or phone. Make your table presentable. Add some music to make the atmosphere more romantic. Lastly, enjoy your date and make the most out of it.

Additionally, here are a few little details to add to your date night if you want to make it more intimate:

  • Set your device on ‘do not disturb’ mode - You will surely use your phone or laptop on your date, and notifications may get in the way. So, change your phone’s setting and give your partner the undivided attention that she deserves.

  • Add a theme - Pick decorations and cook food according to a specific theme. This can be about a movie, celebration, time period, game, or anything that you both like.

  • Swap food ideas - Recommend dishes to each other and attempt to cook them. These can be cuisines that are unique in your foreign partner’s country. These can also be foods like steak or pasta that are easy for both of you to cook.

  • Test how well you know each other - Regardless of how long you’ve dated, there are facts about your partner that you may still not know about. To fix that, there are tons of quizzes online for you to take. You can even just ask questions directly to your partner. Whatever you choose, use this time to learn from each other.

  • Sing your hearts out - A fun karaoke night is one of the perfect long distance date ideas. That is if your partner loves singing. You can look for karaoke videos online. There are also tons of karaoke mobile applications that you can use. You can even sing solo or duet. Regardless of what songs you choose, enjoy your time singing your hearts out.

  • Dance the night away - Even if you’re in different places, you can still dance with your partner. You don’t have to be a great dancer to do this. Just vibe with the music, move your hips, and imagine that you are both dancing in the same place.

Have a fun virtual game night.

A woman playing jenga. Look for date night games to play online with your partner.

Couples who play together stay together.

In fact, a psychologist from the University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family Studies said, “The more you invest in fun and friendship and being there for your partner, the happier the relationship will get over time.”

This means that you will be happier as a couple if you make time for each other and have fun together.

Here are some virtual date night games to add more kick to your National Lover’s Day date.

  • Trivia Games - See how competitive you are in terms of answering facts on different subjects by playing trivia games. There are random trivia generators online that you can use, such as TriviaNerd and Crowdpurr. You can also create your own trivia questions and have fun by letting each other guess the answer.

  • Card Games - If you want to test your strategic thinking, you can go with card games. This includes the good old Poker, Blackjack, or Crazy Eights. If your long-distance partner is living in the Philippines, she can even teach you about Tong-its. Whatever card game you choose, play it either with physical cards at your disposal or use online applications.

  • Board Games - Another competitive game to play are board games. You can play it using your own physical boards and have a video chat while playing. However, if you find this difficult, you can also play on mobile apps together. Besides, lots of classic board games are already recreated as online applications.

  • Online Games - If you don’t want to go with classic games, there are thousands of games online. Choose whatever game you want and on which device you want it to play. You can even share your screens while playing. This way, you can still focus on the game while also enjoying your time talking to your partner.

Sit and chill together.

You and your partner have separate lives. She has work or other responsibilities that keep her constantly busy. On the day of your date, she may already be stressed and doesn’t have time to prepare for your dinner date. You may even want to lie around and do nothing instead.

Don’t worry, you can still enjoy National Lover’s Day. Just take a seat, have a drink, and relax by doing these chill date night ideas.

A woman smiling while holding a glass of red wine. Have a virtual date night this National Lover’s Day.
  • Have a film party - Binge-watch movies with just a tap on your screen. There’s no need to go to theaters anymore. Just sign in to any streaming platform on your device, tap on a specific movie, and enjoy your time with your girlfriend. Video messaging applications even let you share your phone screen. It’s become easier and more convenient to enjoy your virtual movie date night at home.

  • Read a book together - Create a mini-book club with your partner. Start your video call, choose a book, flip the pages, and enjoy the story. If there’s a passage that you like, you can read it aloud to your partner.

Enjoy your time with your partner.

Don’t let distance ruin your relationship. Make time to communicate. Give importance to every milestone that you have together. And, whenever possible, celebrate your love.

This means that you should exert more effort this National Lover’s Day. Impress her by giving her something thoughtful. Express your affection in different ways. Use the date night ideas that we have on this list. You don’t have to think hard about this. Just make your virtual date night unforgettable and romantic.

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