Using Your Actions to Show Foreign Women Love

A happy couple by the beach. Saying 'I Love You' is not the only way for us to show love. Express more love through actions.

There are as many ways to show someone our love as there are stars in the sky. Telling someone you love them is simple, but showing love through actions isn’t. Sadly, many fail at this.

Foreign women have heard more “I love you’s” from men than they can remember. But did many of those mean anything at all?

Is it really possible to express love by not saying the words?

This time, turn yourself into a better man for your woman. Make time to learn how to show you love her with actions.

  • Do the extraordinary.

Movies and books have taught you that the only gifts you can give a woman are flowers and chocolates. They made you think that for every occasion, nothing else could compare to these presents.

Showing up to her door and not bringing any of these makes you look like an insincere man.

The news is, such a thing is false. When it comes to love, you should never let yourself be dictated to what is “normal” for everyone. Just because many are used to doing it, then you should be as well.

Go beyond normal and do the extraordinary. Unleash your inner genie and surprise her with things she’d never expect. This alone speaks volumes about your love for her.

  • Take her on an impromptu date.

Women are used to men asking them out. Every. Single. Time. A man suggests a place, the woman sets the date, and the dinner goes well as expected.

But planned date nights are overrated. Do you know what isn’t? Spontaneous dates. It’s way more thoughtful compared to the former, and it overwhelms a woman when you do.

She won’t forget when you do something like this for her. It’s time to pull yourself away from your routines.

  • Acknowledge any advice from her.

Taking each other’s advice is a sign of a healthy relationship. It shows how you see each other as equal, and bravely run to each other when things happen.

It won’t matter if it’s the big things or the small ones. Always take her advice to let her know you truly listened. Seeing someone treat our advice as irrelevant hurts enough, so don’t make your woman feel the same way.

True enough, it’s irritating to see your partner listen to a band another friend suggested and ignore the one you told her about earlier. See? It feels that way.

  • Give importance to your relationship milestones.

You may be far past the honeymoon stage, but it isn’t a reason for you not to celebrate your anniversaries. Almost all women around the world dream of being with a man who celebrates them. Your partner deserves as much.

Beautiful and fresh flowers. Love and affection are some of the things to keep a relationship alive. Don't fail in showing it to your partner.

Again, it might not feel the same as how you celebrated your first anniversary but be reminded that lasting another year together means you’re stronger than before.

There’s nothing you have to overdo in celebrating. After all, what matters most is that you remembered.

  • Be her nurse.

You’ve been together throughout all the good times, and you should be the same in times of bad.

A woman will always know your love for her is real when you drop everything to take care of her when she is sick… Even if you don’t say the words, looking after her when she isn’t well tells the feelings you have for her.

Don’t tire of being her personal nurse and be patient when she’s in such a condition. She already feels bad for herself for being sick, and seeing you neglect her is twice as much.

  • Help her out with the chores.

Again, expensive gifts are overrated. Staying together at home and helping her do the chores around uplifts her in a way you never know.

Most of us think that women don’t complain because they don’t want to be a burden or be seen as lazy, but trust me, they’ve been aching to let out those words to you.

Lessen her load even a little by offering to take out the trash or wipe the walls and windows. Couples who aren’t used to dividing the housework are those who belong in unhealthy relationships.

Be one of those men any woman wishes to be with.

A man holding his woman’s hand. It's inevitable that women may sometimes feel unloved. Pay attention when your partner feels that way and make her see the truth.
  • Play chef and prepare her favorite dish.

One challenge of dating a woman from a foreign country is not knowing much about their culture and food. While culture is something you can study, learning about their food is different.

This time, show her your love without saying the words by cooking her favorite meal. Even if you might not make the best version of it, to her, it will be the best among all she’s tasted.

Like many of us believe, cooking for a loved one is similar to eating good food yourself.

  • Get her something "just because."

You don’t always need to have a reason to give your woman a gift. In fact, getting her something out of the blue is more thoughtful. She’ll never forget this gesture from you, especially the gift you got her.

Even if gift-giving may not be her love language, she’ll appreciate it all the same.

Love Is an Action, Not a Word

We’re compelled to make someone we love happy. Because of how we feel for them, we always want them to wear smiles on their faces. We constantly wish them peace and well-being.

You have to know that love is an action you have to carry out and not just a word you merely utter. It doesn’t end there. Telling someone you love them and not working on it at all is the same as not saying it.

Foreign women would rather want a man certainly true to his actions. Be one.

As you choose the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, be the man who will show his love by doing actions.

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